Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been asked to create a few newsletters for my aunt and her company.   Seems simple right?

Hahhahahahha!  Right.  So I decided today to play around with a few of the emailer thingies (oh very smart with my tech talk eh?)  and made one for this blog. 

Yes, there is now an email newsletter button near the bottom of this blog.  And if you my brave souls decide to try one from me, you will get a good gut wrenching laugh.   Specially if the First Issue is sent out to you.  It's a sample newsletter that I did to see if I knew what I was doing.  Total gibberish.  The catch,  I can not keep it from sending out to anyone if they decide to subscribe.  It's there until I create issue 2.

Oh yes my Spudguns, there will be an Issue 2.   Be afraid be very afraid