Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looks like me in the kitchen

Always been my favourite scene in the film.  

Well simply put this has been a disappointing day.  But watching this, has put in my mind  of the get togethers we used to have (me, Setla, Thiea and Jordan, my sister sometimes) on Sundays and of course on Hallowe'en.  I think I yammered on about this before, but the one thing I miss about being a vegetarian is the meatloaf factor.  I used to make the best meatloaf, but it's a recipe that is very hit or miss when you do the vegetarian version.  (Meatless Meatloaf recipe #1)

I know I know,  all I have done today is blog.   Which is really really really putting me behind on my reviews.   I am actually feeling a bit on the  lonely side today and blogging helps me not feel so much of that.