Saturday, July 17, 2010

So this dude asked me out

But I don't want to go. Yeah I know I'm a total moron. It's the single dad I was talking about the other night.

I was talking to him for a bit last night and you know how you start off with a flirty type of call and someone says something that shifts gears from flirt to friend. Yeah it was one of those. It started out okay, but the whole time I was talking to him, I knew he's not my ONE so I think I caused the shift on purpose.
It was the more the dude talked the less interesting he was. Which of course made me more comfortable cause there was no pressure so I yammered my voice horse. Then somewhere near the end of the conversation he shifted gears again. Then it got uncomfortable. I ended up agreeing to meet him tonight for coffee. Sort of wish I hadn't.

He texted me this morning with a simple "hi sexy"
I never replied back. He's suppose to phone me at 7pm and I am just half hoping he does not. Is that wrong?

And you are thinking what was it that made me shift the gears ... he made a comment about how he goes nowhere but work, home and groceries then said "can't meet anyone for a relationship that way, you know I'm not going to find my next partner buying cereal."

Really now? That's funny, I think you can. It was the comment that really hit it for me as you have all heard me say that I think I'll meet my husband through food. I've even mentioned about knowing a man is flirting with me when he asks to share my Count Chocula. (Are we flirting?)

My buddy Patrick thinks I should just suck it up and go on this date, and then blog about it to see if King Dork does anything. That idea really upset me to be honest. I know as far as King Dork is concerned, I may or may not even exist, and I said myself I need to get over him. But I do not think this Single Dad is the guy to be trying to accomplish that with. And we all know I just Do Not Want To Get Over King Dork. Not yet.

Anyways, while I wait to see if this guy is going to call, I think I'll go to the grocery and pick up some Count Chocula.