Friday, July 16, 2010

Return of the silliness

I used screen capture for this post

Just watching an old match from the Best of the X-Division volume 2 DVD and Damn it Janet!  I know I said I would stop nagging... and I will stop nagging to the best of my immaturity.  But Come on people, look at this man!

He's what dreams are made for.  He's the reason birds sing.  Reminds you of a shoreline at sunrise as the loons and the gulls are crooning, with the ripples in the lake as the mist rises... Okay Okay I'll shut up for a moment.  What?  I have a thing for birds okay.  Lake birds specially.  Water birds like ducks and geese and loons and all that.   Give me some credit for being original at lest.   I could have compared him to a spring flower or some typical poem type thing.

I liked him with this look.  It was a very frightfully-groovy look.  Very spiffy, very chic.  This week's TNA Impact is not available yet for download and I'm having withdrawls.  
And why did that boy stop his "Total Non-Stop Alex"   chants on the show?   I thought that was a very cute gimmick getting the entire crowd to chant along with him.  Am I gushing again?  Romanticizing too much again?  Well I can't help it. He's ... possibly better then chocolate. 

I think I just creeped myself out on that.  I really need to get a husband or at lest a very large container  of  mint chocolate ice cream. Maybe a large black forest cake or a package of peanut butter M&Ms.  Cause I do not think Mr. Shelley would let me nibble on his shoulder for a few hours do you?