Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's not the break I wanted

You've heard me say a million times I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I
(the brittle bones disease)
Rare genetic and past down from mother to child.  One other massive reason I am not sure I should have a little Omen of my own.  If I ever did, the guy would have to be a  God with perfect genetics for the kid to not end up with the O.I.  or you know Demon.

What you might not know, as I can not remember if I ever talked about it,  is that when I was 10 years old, I had a horrible slip and fall.  I ended up with both a broken leg and 3 crushed vertebra in my lower back.  Oh joy oh bliss.  They told me I'd be in a wheelchair my whole life.   I spent one summer in it and proved them wrong.
When I was 22, I re-injured my back when I worked at the library.  Hint- books when in a large storage bin are heavier then you think never try to lift them on your own- and I ended up with two of the discs compounded between the crushed vertebra.  I ended up again with a bad fall because of the back injury breaking my leg again, needing surgery.   Once again they told me I would be in a wheelchair for life. 
I proved them wrong,  I did use a cane for the next 10 years.
Okay,  here we are now at age 36 and for the last 2 months I have no idea what the issue is this time, as I have not done anything.  But, I can not stand up proper, I can not even carry a purse, I can not carry a bag of groceries at the moment.  So I went to the doctor today and he says "Fractures" 

So it seems I'm going for x-rays and ultrasounds in the next little while to find out if indeed I have fractures in my lower back and thighs. 

What lesson does the universe want me to learn this time?   When I was 10, the lesson was independence.  At age 22 it was faith in myself.   Now at 36... I have no idea.   I just know right now sitting at this computer is torture.  In five minutes getting up from this chair will be torture and most likely have me crying from the pain.  I know that the painkillers are not working, and I am at the point where I am taking  four Tylenol 3's and two  muscle relaxers at a time and they are doing nothing. I know that it will more then likely take me an hour to do the 5 mugs and 3 bowls I have in my sink for dishes because I can not stand up for more then two minutes at a time. 
I know something else too,  I will not under any terms end up in a wheelchair.   I refuse to.