Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Easy way isn't always the Right way

You have all heard me talk about my buddy Patrick before.  One of the few men I trust on this planet.
You have also heard me talk about the fact he's hung up on this chick and for many reasons has done nothing about it.  One of those reasons has been that she was in a relationship when he first met her.  Her relationship is ending, fast.  Everyone and their dog's grandmother has told her that her boyfriend is no good.  She's in denial. 
Everyone has been telling Patrick to just wait for her this last month or so. Did I mention she's in denial about her boyfriend.  My buddy Patrick is about to stop waiting.  

I'm getting to my point hold your crickets.

I know I have talked recently about King Dork on here, and been asked what the hold up is?  
A solid question with no answer from me other then I give up.  Or so that was the plan an hour ago.

My buddy Patrick has told me to just give King Dork a bit more time.   A bit more time.    Don't you just hate when your friends throw your own words back at you. 
Well here's the thing,  today about an hour ago, I made the comment to my buddy Patrick about having to find away to just let King Dork go.  No sooner had the words left my coffee cup, when I got an email for my daily horoscope.  The horoscope said this " Sometimes the easy thing is not the right thing and you have to work harder to realize your dreams"   and of course, at that moment Patrick once again said to give King Dork more time.

I believe greatly in signs.
But, I've also seen the women that King Dork hangs around and trust me,  I am far far far from looking anything like the women he spends his time with. If this was a Disney cartoon they would be the Little Mermaid and I would be the Sea Witch 
I think this time  the sign should have been Detour or Road Closed Ahead.  I do not know if taking the easy way this time will get me any farther then the hard way but either way, I've worked hard enough and my dreams just have not come true.