Friday, July 16, 2010

What's with all the single dads?

And why do they keep hitting on me?

I'm sitting here taking a break from the book I'm reading for review, and checked my emails.  
I got another message out of the blue from some guy on the dating site.   Now,  I know I put my profile into hidden mode or deleted all together on every site I was part of,  or thought I had anyways.

So this dude,  he's a single dad.  Which seems to be a massive trend as of late.  Dad's with full custody. 
He was cute, didn't seem to have anything creepy about him, but I am just not the mommy type.  I do not date single dads.   Plan and simple. 

This was a guy who you could clearly see has his act together and did I mention not bad to look at?  The kind of guy that gets you wondering what on earth does he need to be on a dating site for?  And there was plenty of photos of this guy so you could tell he was not using a celebrity photo or anything.

And you are all thinking  "what's wrong with you? If he's available and hot and flirting with you what's keeping you from getting in with him????? "  
Even if he was not a single dad... he's not King Dork.   Cute just isn't enough,  I want to be totally helpless when he smiles.