Friday, July 23, 2010

My day at the Wellness Center

My day started off chaotic.  Always fun when you need to be somewhere and you are running twenty minutes late. 

But  hey  I got out of the house!  Whoo-Hoo!  even better yes. 

Where to start.   I had a Reconnection Healing session done first.  Which is a type of Reiki session.  All I can say on that is  I can't wait to get another one done.   I have a lot of anger issues and this really pinpointed it.

Next up was a movie.  There were about 10 of us for the showing.  Considering this is all done in a room the size of a small bedroom, I thought it was cozy.   The movie was called  "Breakthrough" it was a documentary on how we fail to harness and understand our emotional pain.   I recommend this film highly!   The two men who hosted it were Life Coaches, and if you are a documentary junkie like I am you're going to love it,  if you are following any kind of self creating healing you are going to get alot out of it, if you are a fan of What the Bleep Do We Know or the Secret you will love this.  Rent it! Cause I told you to and you love me.

A very lively talk then was engaged about the film.  I just can not put into words the buzz I got from this day.  My aunt Maggie and her business partner Helen and I went for lunch afterward, where more talk about the film and life in general.  We went to the Thai Kitchen and I have no idea what I ordered other then it was vegetarian and a curry.  It was fabulous! I don't have to cook dinner as I ended up bringing half it home.  Love when I don't have to heat up the apartment during the summer.  I don't want to even guess at the heat in this city today, just let me say that my grey MotorCityMachine Guns! tee shirt was the wrong choice for today's heat. 

So I will be doing some more work for them soon.  Which means... I will be getting out of the apartment more YAY!!!  

There may even be tarot cards and meditation classes involved.