Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday night July 9th 2010

Do I really look that bad?
Seriously,  I had to go to the mall where the book store is, to pick up one I had on special order. Mom went with me.   

But anyways,  we're in Sears and this voice comes over the speakers saying there is a free sample of a night cream being given out.   Didn't really think much on it, till we're wandering around and a couple of teenagers passed us; one scappy little blonde thing with the worst fake tan I've seen this side of wrestling, turned to her friend and said "god I hope I never look that bad when I get older. Maybe I should give her my free sample and your's too. " 
"Yeah but she's like what in her 50's?"  the one with the multi coloured hair said

Stupid me,  I turned towards them and they started giggling like lunatics cause I was who they were talking about. 

Oh wait it gets worse.    
So okay I get the hint I look like dren, I was wearing my typical jeans and a tee shirt, my hair doing what it does and no make up and of course my skin looking like a mess because of the heat and ache.   I don't mind wrinkles I don't,  but I'm still get ache right before I get my period.   
So here's me already feeling like I belong in a house of horrors exhibit,  and I walk through the make up department with mom and I see the sign for the free sample of the night cream.  Thinking what the hell why not, and the lady at the counter who was in her 50's started talking away to me as if she knew me.   I had no idea who she was,  then asked me how my divorce had gone.  

What?  Huh?  I've never been married what the hell are you going on about?   

"Emilly; you're niece was in last week telling me about it."  referring to my cousin Christina

I nearly sent the bitch into the display.   This is not the first time I've been accused of being my aunt.  But seriously, do I really look that bad?   Do I really look like I'm in my frealing 50's yet?   Dude, I'm only 36 for freals sake.   

You know it's bad enough I got slapped with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta  which makes you look like the Crypt Keeper,  (pointy chin, thin hair)  but I really hate being compared to his side of the family.  Hate it!  

If there was one thing I could change about my looks,  it's not my weight, not my hair, but my freckles.   I would love to be able to bleach out my skin so that the hyena spots were gone.  Then people wouldn't keep thinking I'm Richard's (my dad) sister.

And yes I realize that every photo of me on the internet other then the ones taken two months ago at the wrestling, are of me without make-up and in my pajamas.    This painting behind me is one of my failures too by the by .