Thursday, July 1, 2010

How dirty do you want me?

Get you're mind out of the gutter,  for once this is not about sex/lust/relationships.  It's about laundry.

Everyone and their dog's grandmother had the same idea today,  since it's Canada Day and everything is closed, and everyone is home in the building (the neighbour's kid screaming his head off like a banshee, the landlord yelling at his ex wife, etc etc)  everyone is fighting over the washer/dryer.

I can't even begin to rant on this one.  The laundry room was empty, the washer and dryer empty.  I grabbed my stuff headed downstairs  and in under ten minutes someone stole the machine.   What were they laying in wait with radar?   Did they think "oh she's all set I have 45 seconds before she comes back downstairs  let's get the machines"   cause that's what happened.

Have I mentioned this week how much I really really hate living here. 
Dude, seriously all I want is a clean pair of jeans.