Friday, July 9, 2010

I have a fear of lobsters

It's funny now  30 some years later,  but at the time when I was 6 not so funny.

I've mentioned before a billion times that my family is from Newfoundland, and that I spent summers there.   I can't remember if I ever talked about Billy and Deon (oh I hear them getting ready to kill me I do.  Waves at cousins and runs away to hide under the table) my cousins.    Well, the two of them were older then me by a few years, and those poor snots got stuck with me a few summers.  Yeah, I was like their own personal puppy just following them around the back yard over and over all the time. 

Anyways,  there was this one day when we were going to the basement to get the hockey gear and .... LOBSTERS   everywhere.... and that's all I'm going to tell you on this cause I actually added a few of our summer misadventures to my novel.  Heheheheha! 

Which by the way,   I'm stuck on again.   I swear I spend more time hit by a darkness of writers block then I actually do writing.  I'm already behind on the deadline for draft 5.   Yes,   I've made it to draft 5.   Voo-Voo!  I'm happy about that much.

What I will tell you is that my Uncle Doss was a nasty practical joker.   Knowing I was terrified by the lobsters,  he diapered them and chased me around the back yard.  

I was 6.  So not a good idea to freak a 6 year old out with live clawing lobsters.

I have a fear of lobsters and a massive distaste for seafood in general.   I 'm the only Newfie vegetarian you may ever meet.