Thursday, July 1, 2010

So what's the hold up?

Was talking to my friend in Edmonton, and she asked me " The maintenance guy from the grocery the other day, why didn't you slide up to him and ask him out? "

My reply "Well I have two words for you,  King Dork." 

Edmonton  continued  "If you like King Dork, and there seems to be some sort of something there, what's the hold up? Why are you two not ... you know?"

My friend there was not the only one to ask me this question.  I've had two different blog buddies ask me about  the whole thing.  All I can do is shrug and sigh and say  "It's complicated.  Yes, King Dork is totally ab-fab but still... the man has made no direct gestures."   It's Complicated  is honestly the biggest cop-out excuse/reason anyone could ever give as an answer, and I never let anyone off the hook when they say it to me, yet I had nothing solid to say other then "I guess he's just not into me"

My buddy Patrick thinks King Dork is just shy.  Really?  Shy?   

And all I can think when I sit here and try to picture King Dork blushing over anything, is the lyrics from an old Alice Cooper song "Didn't we meet?" (They say you were the king of this whole damned thing and that only confused me... looking at you I swear didn't we meet in the night in my sleep somewhere?) I don't think King Dork blushes over much of anything.  But then again maybe he is shy? Maybe he has no idea what to say to me?  Maybe his pants are too tight? (no blood getting to his skull)
Whatever the reason, I did not hit on the maintenance guy the other day because he just was not ... not for me.