Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 15th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it for download this morning and well here we go...
The new rankings for the #1 contender looks a bit better but I still don't think Hardy or Anderson need to be in it.
  • 10 is Rob Terry
  • 9 is The Pope
  • 8 is Kurt Angle
  • 7 Hernandez
  • 6 is A.J. Styles
  • 5 is Jay Lethal
  • 4 is Samoa Joe
  • 3 is Mr. Anderson
  • 2 is Jeff Hardy 
  • 1 is Abyss
Abyss came to the ring with a side of beef.... huhmm did someone read my vampire story I have up on my blog cause.... moving on
Oh god your favourite vegetarian ghoul is about to vomit that's so gross  Abyss! that's just.... he started biting into the damned thing right there in the middle of the ring... Dude that's just not healthy

Brian Kendrick vs Doug Williams in a non-title match.  It's actually nice to still see that belt on Williams, I like his style.
This was an I quit match, Kendrick started off strong with a series of kicks and forearms, but Williams used an Irish Whip sending Kendrick into the corner to get a slight advantage. He followed this with a short clothesline. Kendrick did try to battle out, but it didn't get him very far. Dude you really need some new tights cause those look like a diaper honestly just even change the colour to something other then white  Williams slapped on a few suplexes and a gut-wrench but kendrick held on for a bit with a few drop kicks of his own, then tried to get the cobra clutch on getting Williams to quit.

Nice to hear Taz actually call a few moves and do his job considering I seem to be calling half the stuff wrong.   You know what, if this prompts a few more actual moves to be called during a show then we're one step closer to bliss right? 

Desmond Wolfe vs Rob Terry vs Samoa Joe.  Wolfe was being dragged across the ring like a character in a horror movie... I thought it was cute.  Joe got the win with a rear naked choke on Wolfe.

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Pope.  You know if anyone in the X-Division locker room ever wanted to show me their love, I'd still really dig that wicked trenchcoat of Pope's.   Pope made short work of Morgan getting the pin.

Jay Lethal vs Jeff Hardy.... Hardy won and I think Lethal was robbed on that one.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!  that is a thing of beauty is it not. The MMG with the belts.  
They went up against Beer Money Inc in  round one of a best of five. This was a ladder match.  I hate ladder matches. 

 Roode and Storm attacked before the bell, Storm throwing Sabin out of the ring, while Roode stomped on Shelley. They then put Alex Shelley face first into the turnbuckle before double teaming him, sending him once again across the ring where he managed to get a boot up at Robert Roode and a forearm to the jaw for James Storm.  Shelley then just laid out a series of forearms on both BMI before getting a double boot to the gut from them.  They were setting him up for another double team move but Chris Sabin came back into the ring stopping them. This let the Guns! plant their trademark double drop kicks to BMI.  The Guns! with a double suicide dive then on BMI.  Sabin then introduced the ladder to the ring... I really hate ladder matches and we'll talk about the new tights later... Sabin climbed the ladder while Shelley distracted BMI...well more like Shelley was getting bombed with fists from BMI while Sabin climbed the ladder...Storm ripped Sabin down from the ladder just tossing him across the ring.  Roode then standing on the neck of Sabin while Storm moved the ladder to the corner of the ring. Storm then was about to charge Shelley in the far corner but Shelley moved out of the way, kicking him in the back. Double take down and a stereo kick on Roode from both Guns! Roode then tossed hard into the ladder with both Guns! charging just as hard at him before using their trademark step jump which wiped Sabin out.  This opened up a chance for Roode to give Shelley an inverted atomic drop as Storm used a russian leg sweep on him, before Roode dropped a knee on him. Damn those boys are taking a lot of abuse this week Eh?  They threw Sabin then across the ring before pigging him into the ladder open legged.  Shelley used a jawbreaker on Roode as Storm then began to climb the ladder, but Shelley who scampered under it pulling Storm off before Roode drop kicked the ladder into Shelley.  Shelley then pulled Roode off the ladder and delivered a series of forearms to him backing him into the corner. Only to turn around and get the end of the ladder in his chest from Storm.  Roode then grabbed the ladder pressing down on Shelley with it while Storm grabbed a second ladder bringing it into the ring. They used it as a cross slamming the two down on Shelley hard repeatedly.  At one point Storm was holding his ankle I think from the last landing when Shelley had pulled him off the ladder few minutes before, and Sabin still suffering outside the ring.  Both BMI tried to use the ladder for a running clothesline on Shelley, but he ducked and Sabin finally able to move used a drop kick on them sending them falling to the mat. This gave Shelley an opening to stomp on the ladder with them under it.  Sabin and Storm both grabbed an end of the same ladder having a slight tug a war with Storm going into the turn buckle. Sabin used the ladder as well a ladder and began to run up it but stumbled, and still some how managed to kick Storm in the face. That's our monkey boy. Sabin then turned around and was turned inside out by Roode.  Roode did not see Shelley behind him *cough production notes* as Shelley rammed him with the second ladder right in the back of the knee. Both Guns! then sent Roode face first into the ladders.  Storm out of nowhere grabbed Sabin by the foot and just cranked him onto the floor. Looks like Sabin hit his mouth or nose on the actual floor. Shelley had started to climb the ladder but was tossed off it by Storm who then used a backbreaker on him.  Storm then propped Sabin up on the top turnbuckle laying in slaps as Shelley who was outside of the ring brought in another ladder. Storm now in the tree of woe as Sabin with a ladder against Storm's face lands his trademark hesitation drop kick... dude what is the secret to that move I want to know.... then Sabin walked right into a tilt a world backbreaker from Roode.  Shelley gave Roode a shoulder block from outside the ring sending Roode flying across the ring.  There was a ladder set up on the outside of the ring, and Roode got kicked into it by Sabin.  Shelley then used a running stomp on Roode suicide diving onto Storm in one swift move, then Sabin followed it up with a massively high splash on Roode. This caused more damage to Sabin then it did Roode. Have I mentioned how much I hate just hate ladder matches.  Then Sabin and Storm both climbing the ladder punching each other but are about 5 feet away from the contract hanging above the ring. Roode runs up and shakes the ladder almost knocking them both down but only managing to get them caught up on the top rope, Storm then goes over the edge landing wrong on the floor. Shelley pushes Roode out of the way long enough to grab the ladder helping Sabin to hop it over to the contract.  Sabin is about four inches short of the contract as Roode shoves Shelley who smacks into the ref knocking him out.  Roode and Sabin now both at the top of the ladder trading blows.  Roode lands hard on the ramp as Sabin gets the contract but Storm comes up behind with a beer bottle smashing it over Sabin's back knocking the contract out of his hands. The ref comes in the ring just as Storm grabs the contract.    Beer Money Inc are up the first round. Shelley looks like he messed up his left arm at some point in the match. 
Now, I must get back to work ... reviewing The Red Queen by Philippa Gergory before doing an interview with Liane Shaw who wrote thinand