Friday, July 2, 2010

Ever just wanted to make someone happy?

I'm not talking sex right now, though I could add that to the intent.
I mean straight up, just being given a chance to make someone happy.   Spending time with them, talking, learning about them, doing what they really love to do.  

I have been in a very giddy mood all day for no reason, haven't talked to anyone, haven't seen anyone just been coasting on a vibe that has had me bopping around grinning. 
I'm betting whomever my Soulmate is,  he's in a wickedly good mood today. 

As I was sitting down just now to check emails,  I had the overwhelming thought that whomever he is I just want the chance to make him happy.  
Whatever "happy "  equals for him.       For me "happy"   equals  being together creating art and just being comfortable with each other. 

Love might be complicated  but I'm not.

Whomever he is  I hope he's having a relaxing day filled with great conversations and doing something that he really enjoys.   
And I hope everyone who stumbles on this blog today is having the same.