Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday July 15th 2010

I do not know what I am feeling right now.

I sat down earlier today to rant about an issue that I find troublesome. I wrote half the post and left it in draft. Why? Because when I read it back I realized how angry I was and I didn't want that on the blog. Not right now, not when I am trying to bring a more positive aspect to my life.

I've spent the last few hours floating back and forth between making supper and reading the latest book I am doing for review.

There is a Kitchen Omen that says when the right side of your body itches it means your true love is thinking of you. Hmmm. The right side of my body; particularly my shoulder itches for hours on end most nights.
I hope he's thinking nice thoughts about me, ones that are snuggle inducing.

I have this Live Journal blog that I have had for a few years and always forget about. Just got a notice saying I needed to log in and do something, as it's been a year since I had. That's the thing with the internet, you join stuff that seems so important to you at one point and stuff happens and you move on and sometimes outgrow the thing or plain old forget it's there.

I said once that I am nothing more then a "empty box on a shelf for Memnoch's tortured souls to play with" really feeling like that right now. The book I am reading for review is not helping any either. It's about a girl who gets shipped from one bad marriage to another during the 1400's, being used for nothing other then giving her husband's children. Makes you wonder about your place in life.