Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My vampire library

I have said more then once that I used to be a librarian.  Million years ago when I was in high school and after college.  (in 1992, I worked for Crawford public school as the only librarian. And in 1997 I worked for Brodie Library as a Librarian's Assistant/Secretary. ) One of my main jobs was trolling the kid's section of the city library to make sure there weren't any homeless guys hiding out... I should post my library adventures sometime.
But the thing I took with me from my times as a librarian was the idea of cataloging and putting the books/cds/dvds in order.(by date bought, author, genre)  Which I did to the extreme distaste of my family up until not too long ago.  (now I just have too many and they are everywhere in my apartment no order to them)

I used to even keep track of all the vampires movies I had seen and books I had read.
Yes, all of them.  That was until about a year ago.  I've seen too many, read too many.   Can't even keep track anymore of what ones I have bought on dvd vs what ones I still only have on vhs.  Yes, I have ended up with more then one copy of Fearless Vampire Killers  but not on purpose.

I think I have mentioned at one point that Forrest J. Ackerman was a hero of mine.  I always dreamed of having a collection to rival his.

There were a few years where I was turned off completely by the whole genre.  Just like two years where I got sick of the over saturation of vampire themed books, where I just stopped buying them.  I never thought I'd say this, but I'm heading back in that direction again.   Just sickened by the lack of originality that the vampire genre has polluting it right now.   We need an author who has an original thought in their head. 

I'm always saddened by the number of vampire fans who have never read the classic vampire stories  by John Polidori  and  Sheridan Le Fanu (Or the original Dracula by Bram Stoker or Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for that matter. Hint the books are very different then the films)

Anyways,  my latest count of vampire movies I have seen...  236.  Yes, I have seen 236 vampire movies as of yesterday.  One of these days when I'm not so lazy I'll actually give you a run down of them.   (I have a part list on my old website )