Friday, July 30, 2010

So I'm singing Rocky Horror Picture Show

and I scared the neighbour's kid.   Yeah.   I did.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes and signing very loudly with the kitchen windows open, and suddenly the landlord's grandson began to freak out. 
Now, my singing is not the best, but it's nothing to cry over either, less of course I'm trying to sing something smooth and seductive to a guy in the middle of the night while he's trying to sleep, then it's a bit on the creepsola side.
But, let me also say, the kid is 11 and he still freaks out over the vacuum cleaner when the landlord is cleaning the apartment across the hall, so this kid is a bad judge of freaky stuff.

And why was I singing Time Warp at this time of night in the kitchen?   Why not.  Can you think of a better time to be Time Warping then after dark?   Didn't think so.