Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Break Through - I need to share this with you

You heard me talk about the movie  Break Through  last week in my post about the Wellness Center

Well, you are going to hear me talk about this film a lot more.     (I might even talk about it more then I do Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin.... maybe)  Seriously,  this film is something I have not been able to stop thinking about.  

Today,  I was given the chance to talk on the phone with both the creators and their crew.  
This is a movie that crosses many boundaries, from the practical to the spiritual and does it in such a real and respectful way.

When I was at the screening last week at the Superior Shores Wellness Center,   I not only walked away from the film with notes, and questions  I needed to ask myself (which I did out loud on the phone just now to the film's crew) and a new sense of "I get it now";  but the impact that it had left on some of the people around me. Which ranged from one couple holding hands as they left (they had walked in together but not acknowledging each other) to everyone saying "and the part where - really got me I thought I would need a cry".
As I said before,  if you are a documentary fan you will love this film,  if you are a fan of the Secret you will get a lot from this film, if you just have a few moments and want to see what I am getting at, take the time to watch it.  Break Through The movie