Saturday, July 24, 2010

3D personalities

Hands down every woman on the planet pretty much loves the song "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.  It encompasses a whole lot. 
I had someone comment on a group forum awhile ago about how varied I was when I talked about my hobbies and interests (vampires, wrestling, books, movies, cooking, the occult)   and I was sitting there kind of wondering what they were getting at.

It had nothing to do with the fact most the women on the forum were married with kids and I was single and child-free.   But when I went looking at their profiles and blogs I was greeted with the same thing almost every time.  Proud SAHM of These Many toddlers and Wife to a Man who loves to garden and has These many pets

No I am not mocking anyone,  just pointing out that everyone seemed to be in the same mind set.  Everyone. 

Trust me, if I had pets you would see photos of them but at the moment I live in a No-Pet apartment building,  and if I had space for a garden I would be doing that too, but I don't even have room for a plant box, and the one Bamboo stem I have has been on it's dying leaf for almost a year.

But um yeah, their profiles and blogs all seemed to be a bit on the ... 1 dimensional side.  Are they afraid to be who they really are or dream to be?  Have they just lost their innerself?  Or have they bought into the idea that to blog you must follow an outlined rulebook ?   Not sure could be all the above and things I haven't thought of even.

Where am I going with this you are asking?  Of course you my Spudguns should be following me down the mad highway already.
NO ONE  is that flat a personality.  Everyone has layers to themselves.  Like the song says "just when you think you've got me all figured out the season's already changing"

It makes me sad when I see people holding back because they are afraid to be something other then what everyone around them wants of them.  

I think the reason so many women connect with that song is the simple fact it celebrates the multi-sided parts of us.