Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night July 2nd

And I'm home alone.   I'm suppose to be at book club, but the lady never showed up. 
Did not email or call or anything so little disappointed.
So far, book club has not been very successful. 

Waiting around now as usual for iTunes Canada to get last night's TNA Impact.  Hope I don't have to wait all weekend for it. 

The day started off really good too, would figure it would sink into the toilet. 

We hit +32 celcius  which I think is something like 89 ferenheit for you American's.  Too hot for me way too hot.
So I'm now going to go find something to eat, which given the sun still has not gone down and it's still too hot,  I'm guessing I'll be having either ramen noodles or cereal.  Yummy.