Thursday, July 1, 2010

I just love this movie

Practical Magic   and of course, I could not find the scene on youtube I was looking for.   There is just something about the sweetness of this film that gets me every time.   I remember reading the book in two days before the movie came out back in 1998.  I was just captivated. 
I guess in a way I am jealous of the characters.   Yes, crazy I know.  But, I've been searching my whole life for a connection like that.  A love so strong nothing can tear it apart. 
I'm talking about the sisters friendships as much as the romances.    I've never had that. 

I must have watched this film close to 200 times in the last 12 years and I cry every time.  But you already knew I cry over everything.   I could be watching wrestling and cry over a really sweet Styles Clash. 

But my favourite scene in Practical Magic has to be when the character of Gary Hallet turns to Sally after she's told him about the love spell and he says "You know I wished for you too"    I mean, who wouldn't go weak in the knees if a guy said that to them?

I've been on a massive Practical Magic kick the last week.  Which I usually don't do until closer to Hallowe'en, but I have been.  It's like a drug