Friday, July 9, 2010

TNA: It's a Friday Morning This Should Tell You Something

I used screen capture for this post

You have heard me say a few times that I started to read the MotorCityMachine Guns! blog about a month and a half a go.  I stumbled on the blog when looking for that week's episode of the show.   Fans have gotten used to the weekly schedule of their blog.  
Last week's (titled Facing Those Fears)  raked in over a 1000 hits.   (1,489 as of yesterday morning)  I just once again checked to see for an update,  not seeing one, but the hits count as of this morning  was 1,566.   

1,566 to last week's blog post,  nearly a hundred of those in under a day.   Now, for some bloggers that's peanuts,  to others that's amazing.  I don't think I get 40 hits a week to my blog and I blog almost daily, sometimes more then once a day. 

The fans are looking for this week's blog post.  They are bypassing the other TNA postings and looking for a few paragraphs from Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley. 

                                                                                  Point number 1 :  stop shaking up the routine. 

Point number 2 :  you have tried offering the fans other blogs and podcasts and stuff like that, and they are bypassing the other offerings.  The fans don't want all the glossy goo they want the MMG