Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mercury my pain

Spudguns!  You know by now from the many post over the while I've done that when the planet Mercury is in retrograde, communication and electronics are screwed up yes... well today was one of those hell days.

Raise your hand if your internet frealed on you... one, five, seven, two hundred... yes my internet crapped out royally.  Had me on hold with the internet tech for 45 minutes.  Thank god after 6pm my phone minutes are free. 
Ends up it had to do with the fact new people moved in downstairs in the building and the phone/internet people were here today installing their crap. 

So that's Mercury for you. 
And that's how I am feeling right now.   Yes, I know it's a photo from few months ago, but I don't have any new ones and I look like crap tonight so I'm not taking any new photos...