Friday, October 7, 2011

When bad films happen to good ideas

You slap a high number on the film and make sure every name in the credits are tiny.

If you have been hanging out on here at all last few days, you know that I got my hands on a stack of cheap cultish-indie films.
One of which was what I just finished suffering through   Witchcraft 13 Blood of the Chosen. 

I'm one of the first people to support low-budget/no-budget films, as that's the type of film mine will be if it ever makes it to film.
But there comes a point in every movie makers life when they have to ask themselves "do I really want to do this one?"    The answer for the production crew of the witchcraft series should have been "no"  but it wasn't.

I already did a short rant/review of it over on my vampire blog so enough right now on it.

I just wonder sometimes why certain films get green lighted?   And I'm not talking about just indie stuff. I'm talking about major blockbuster motion pictures as well.

I know our city alone gets 9 films per week at our cinema. And it's really rare for any of those films to stick around past the week.
That's not counting straight to dvd stuff either. 

Okay, so I just saw a really bad movie that taken the wrong way could sour anyone on indie films before coffee.  But I have to wonder if we are over doing it with the amount of films we as a society put out every year?