Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's your afternoon look like?

Typical me thing to say... "what's your tomorrow look like?"   or "what's your Thursday looking like?"

Today, mine looked like this ... hobble to the kitchen to make coffee, discover kettle needs a clean, hobble around place trying to remember where the vinegar got stored, hobble around while the kettle is boiling with 3 rounds of water to get rid of the vinegar, hobble around looking for where uncle stashed the coffee when he dropped off the groceries yesterday, hobble around looking for clean mugs to discover there were none, hobble around for dish soap that uncle stashed yesterday when he dropped off the groceries, realize that even with one crutch I am still having issues with carrying things therefore have to do three times the work then normal.
And that was just for one cup of coffee.

Then I decided to watch a dvd.  More hobbling.  Neighbour downstairs is wondering what the hell all the banging noise is I'm sure. 
I think crutches will be the accessory for the season don't you?  Righty-ho Righty-ho.

I now have to complain about Impact, as I finally got to catch up on the last few weeks of shows.  DUDE!!???  What the hell is the matter with your editors?  Oh my godsmacked stoners!  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!  The episode for last week -November 24th 2011-  was a royal hot mess.  Half the episode wasn't even there it was half of the week's before episode.  What's going on?  Did you guys loose the taped footage or something?  TNA  seriously fix it!  And I mean fire the dude who edited the online episode.  Was it like that when it aired on television or just the Spike site?  Come on!

Okay, ranted, and now going to read a book or something.