Sunday, October 16, 2011

Death by location

Seriously, I think my city is killing me creatively.  

I hadn't written anything in a year other then the few paragraphs on my blogs.  That was until I ranaway two weeks ago. Then I wrote non-stop, filling up a half a coiled notebook.
Then I get back and  the writing dried up again.  Nothing, not a word since.

How wrong is that?

I don't even want to read anymore.

I can't afford to runaway again anytime soon. 

I feel more and more disconnected from whom I used to be all the time.  I had someone tell me while back that I should just stop writing and go back to one of my other hobbies which is painting.  I had someone else on top of that tell me I should get back to the fashion side of things.

I think this is what is called a crossroads.   Crossroads.  Funny that, I no longer think of a fork in the road or a choice in life/mid-life crisis when I hear the term. I think right off of wrestler Cody Rhodes' finishing move the Kross-Rhodes.   yeah There in lays the problem. I think I need to runaway from wrestling.