Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrusday Nov 10

Dear Spudguns:

Was awake half the night over thinking things again. Only way to describe it.  Started the design for the Bride of Frankenstein dress yesterday.  So I know how the sleeves are going to look.  The skirt I was having issues with.
But after watching a scene in Sex and the City 2,   I think I know how I want the tail of the skirt to look.  The question is can I achieve that look?  Only time will tell.

Also, was going through the large bin of material, and think I might have enough for a second sewing project.

So I got to finally see last week's TNA Impact, and all I can say is it sucked.  Dude, it was a disappointment.  

Now, I am having issues with the damned blog editing thing.  The schedule option keeps over riding my settings.   Blogger/Google we have issues here.

Okay, I'm off to watch Top Chef and get ready for my day.

Love Ardeth Blood