Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tech talk

There have been times when I've come out of a store with something wondering how I ended up being talked into buying it, usually clothing.
Pushy sales people are a given around this city.   But today, I was faced with a snarky asshole sales person.

Started innocently enough, I was pricing iPods because I need to upgrade mine as it was 2007 when I bought my last one and it barely holds just 3 hours of music.

The second I said I had iTunes the salesman rolled his eyes at me, crossed his arms and took the stance like he was about to RKO me.  Then started in how Apple and iTunes and the iPod are crap and that it must be nice to be able to buy into that company and yadda yadda yadda. 
I just let that slide and asked him to get me an iPod shuffle out of the case as it was in my price range.  He rang me up and made another comment about MACs and said "now you can go write your novel while you sip your $9 Starbucks like all the others who Steve Jobs is controlling from the grave."

Wow.  Talk about snarky.
I told him he was right about my novel but not the coffee and he's reply was "oh someone in this city that can read"

Why didn't I just leave the store -it was the Source at Intercity mall- without buying the iPod you're wondering?  Yeah, I'm starting to wonder why myself too.  I guess my pride got in the way and I was just damned if I didn't stick it out and prove that this shithead wasn't going to rattle me down.

Now, I'm stuck with a hot pink iPod because that was the only colour they had.  Brilliant move Eh?