Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/2011 Evening

Okay, first off,  there seems to be massive glitches on the Spike site.   The episode for last week is listed as being up, but when I hit the link, ERROR ERROR THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR NOT FOUND
Beauty, love when that happens don't you.

Moving on... I need to find a new hobby besides cooking.  Which of course equals eating.    Maybe finally making that Bride of Frankenstein dress is in order... which of course equals learning to sew properly.  Might be a tad cheaper in the long run too? 

I used to scrapbook.   I don't anymore cause I have nothing to put into a scrapbook.  Used to take photos of my crazy subcultureish feinds... when I still had them. Don't have any feinds... or friends either crazy or otherwise.
I had to separate myself from the ones who were too crazy, the rest all got married and moved the hell out of this hellhole.
See, this is why my life has gotten boring in the last few years.  No spark, no passion, no fun.   No hot sexy guy who likes to paint and draw and take photos and run around my apartment naked acting like the lead character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.   deep sigh.    And might I say, that drinking alone is no fun either.  Drinking alone is well, just drinking alone.

Speaking of food... was watching Food Network Canada   yet again today; just taking full advantage of the free preview,  watching Chopped, Glutton for Punishment, Iron Chef America, Restaurant MakeOver, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives... and mother out of nowhere goes "so you're not going to watch wrestling then?"

 Dude!  I totally forgot about WWE Raw.   I never do that, but what can I say, Guy Fieri  trumps Alberto Del Rio.  Mom was little disappointed that she missed most of Cena's match.  I think I've mentioned before one or twice about mom's crush on Cena.  Very disturbing I must say.