Monday, October 24, 2011

Ever wonder why?

I swear my mother does things just to piss me off.  Just to be negative and try to rain on my day.

Supper.  I had sliced up some potatoes, onion, chopped garlic, ground up some rosemary.  Cooked it up in olive oil with salt and pepper.    Still, she said it was flat, while by the by she was shoving a large plate of it into her mouth.

If my food is flat then why was she eating it?  Seriously, the kitchen smelled like rosemary from the amount I put in it.

Yesterday, same thing.   Baked beans for supper, followed my grandmother's recipe to the letter and still mother screwed up her nose.   But this has been going on for years. 

My mother is the only person I've cooked for who's totally hated my cooking.  And it's not because my cooking abilities are mediocre; it's because I'm good at it.  

Yes, I'm ranting straight up hell on wheels ranting right now!  I'm just frealing sick and tired of my mother screwing up her nose at everything I do from my cooking to my writing to the way I fold laundry.  Seriously, I would just like to know why she keeps undermining everything I do?