Monday, April 4, 2011

Lights out in the Library part 7

The next piece of my paranormal story.    Part 6 can be found here

Lyell heard a noise.  He opened his eyes to see the bedside clock read 5:30am.  Rubbing both hands over his face he yawned as he continued to listen.
The noise was coming from his brother's room twenty feet away, sounding almost like furniture being moved.  Sitting up, he thought maybe he shouldn't go in there. Then he remembered that Galvin had gone to bed before he had.  He heard the noise again.  This time he did get up to find out what was going on.
Lyell swore as he stepped on something in the hallway.  Limping towards his brother's room he listened. He could hear his brother talking to someone. Shaking his head, he yawned again as he headed this time to the kitchen for a glass of water.
That's when he noticed Galvin's cell phone still sitting on the kitchen table. The glass made a thunk as he slammed it down on the table and moved once more back to the bedroom door, this time peeking into his brother's room.
The sandy haired male squinted as he found his brother sitting up in bed, staring at the wall, talking in a hushed whisper.  When they were kids, more then once he'd caught Galvin sleep walking, and even having full on conversations with people while asleep.  He moved slowly farther into his brother's room, always mindful not to freak him out before waking him up.  Snapping his fingers just in front of Galvin's face he spoke.
"Dude, wake up. You're having a nightmare. I think." he snapped his fingers twice more before giving in and grabbing his brother by the shoulders and shaking him lightly.

Galvin blinked as he turned to look at Lyell, the bags under his eyes making him look like he hadn't slept in days not just mere hours.  He fell back against the bed, rubbing his face in the pillow. "What?" he asked sleepily before sitting back up, this time removing the covers.

"Dude"  Lyell reached over to turn on the bedside lamp; letting a dim orange spill over the room. Galvin's back and left shoulder were covered in scratches, his left wrist had bruise marks and there was a small cut near the inner part of his elbow. "Did you decide to go back out after I went to bed? Hook up with someone or get into a bar fight?"  he asked pointing to the marks on his arm. Galvin shook his head as he looked at his arm, then got up crossing to check his shoulder in the mirror. "Something or I should say someone happened to you cause, you're covered in bruises. "

"I don't feel so good." he mumbled as a wave of dizziness over took him.  Leaning against his dresser Galvin closed his eyes against the feeling of wanting to vomit. That's when Lyell spotted the bruises on his brother's thigh just at the edge of his underwear.

"Okay if you want me to believe you didn't leave the apartment, then I need to know what the hell you were doing to yourself? And maybe I should take you to the emergency. "  Lyell let out a deep sigh closing his eyes for a second. "Is it drugs?" he had never known the younger man to take anything stronger then sinus pills but after the night they had, he thought anything was possible.

"I'm not on anything. I didn't... I didn't do this." panic was starting to rise in the younger male. Leaning forward, Galvin put his hands on his knees as a cold sweat broke out on his body. "Lest I don't think I did."

"You were talking in your sleep again. Big time like as if someone was in here with you." he took two steps towards him, pushing Galvin into the hallway towards the kitchen, as he himself dug through the bathroom cupboard for cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to clean up some of the scratches. Some of them looked really deep, such as the one on the inside of his elbow. "We're out of bandages." Lyell said crossing back to the kitchen where Galvin was now sitting.  "You must have been sleep walking before hand or something, cause I stepped on something crunchy in the hall. Dirt or something."

"It was her."

"Her who?" Lyell yawned as he handed his brother the stuff to clean up the wounds.

"Her from tonight her.  Hermina. I... I think I was... dreaming with her or about her or whatever. It's as if she was here in the room with me. But it was a dream. Cause I know I didn't let anyone in the window."

"Okay that's it. Get dressed I'm taking you to the hospital. You must have fallen down and hit your head sleep walking or something before I heard you."

"I'm serious!"

"So am I. Galvin, we live on the third floor. There is no way anyone could get in your window. No fire escape remember. Get dressed. I'll call a cab."

"Succubus?"  the teen with the greasy dyed purple hair said leaning over the little yellow plastic chair.

"What?" Galvin moved closer to the wall as the kid invaded his personal space.

"I heard you talking just now to the nurse. How'd you do it? How'd you manage to call a succubus? I mean it's great isn't it? I've been trying to become an Incubus for years but..." he turned his eyes up to look at Galvin now under the mess of hair.  "My blood's too thin. Tainted from when I was a kid. But I can't tell you about that cause of the wires. "  Galvin just nodded with obvious fear in his eyes as he squared his jaw willing the crazy goth to leave him alone.  "You're boyfriend has wings." he said pointing to Lyell as he crossed the waiting room with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "oohhh big green wings. Hey he's an Archangel. Cool. Hey I gotta go, my girlfriend just came out of x-ray."  he stood up and crossed to where another teen with long dyed purple hair was standing dressed in skinny jeans and a black shirt.
Galvin couldn't tell if that was a woman or a man standing there.

"Did that piece of crazy just call me your boyfriend?"  Lyell said sitting down beside his brother.

"I think he did."  He scratched at his arm where the bruises were. "Are bruises suppose to be itchy?"

"That's a broken bone that itches when it heals."  Lyell let out another yawn, turning sideways in the little plastic chair dangling his right arm over his knee. "I called work. Told them you were in a fight. And that I brought you in here. "

"You couldn't have just said I was sick? Flu? Food poisoning?"  Lyell simply tapped his brother's wrist where the bruises were. "Yeah I guess I will need to explain the marks."

"When we figure it out. What else was the crazy guy saying to you?  You looked like you were about to try crawling up the wall."

"Something about a succubus. Vampires and all that."
Part 8 soon 
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