Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Damned in the morning

Dear Spudguns:

You know what day it is today??????  Besides the fact it is the 4th of October 2011 and a Tuesday;  it is the release day for the 10th anniversary of the movie Elvira's Haunted Hills.  

Have yet to have any caffeine and feeling a little bit on the zombified side.   Was just hanging around Fright Rags.com   and thinking it might be time to update my wardrobe. 
I know, so not a grown up and might never be.   Dude, I still have dreams of having a place big enough to turn one room into a "vampire hotel"  aka the collections room aka my den of slack. 
Yes, my vampire collection alone needs it's own room, or at lest it needs a part of a room. At the moment, it's partially packed away in many many many boxes and flung carelessly around the over crowded apartment I live in. 
Good god man, the Anne Rice books alone take up 3 large storage bins.

No, I still have not figured out how to get my photos off my cell phone and onto my computer.  Which I have to soon, because I took a bunch with the idea in mind of updating the cooking blog with one of those restaurant tours you see on every other foodie blog out there.  My poor cooking blog has been so untouched these last few months, it needs some blogging.

Right, okay so it is time for me to grab a shower as I am running late this morning.

P.S.  Spuddy, what happened on the ladder match from this past week? {Sept 29th 2011 episode of Impact} Are you not wanting another chance at the X belt?

Love Ardeth Blood