Monday, December 5, 2011


This marks 901 posts on this blog.
Is that alot?  Might be, might not be.  Maybe it is given this blog has not even been running for two years yet.

Spudguns, it's winter.  I know, here I thought we were going to have an easy light semi-snowless time this year, but sadly it's here to stay.   And when I say stay, I mean we won't see the bare street again till late April. 

It's -15c here this morning. And I'm still trapped in the apartment.  Have graduated down from the crutches to a cane though, so bonus I suppose.  Still unable to get a shoe on and not even going to try stairs again until I can.

My circumstances suck at the moment.   AND  still waiting around for the delivery of horror tees that I ordered back in the beginning of October.  

Well, that's the news today from my living room.

P.S.  if you're following the movie a day blog... I just finished today's movie post.