Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movement or something

I thought my front door was about to be broken in.  Heard all this banging and the door to my apartment sort of buckled.   Opened it to see three dirty looking teenagers carrying a sofa down the stairs from the Landlord's daughter.  
She spotted me and said she'd bought a house and was moving. 

Few things going through my mind.  One being, what does this mean for those of us who rent here?  Another thing was, finally that monster child of hers will be gone and this place might become quiet with less negative energy.  And lastly,  everyone moves out of here for a house... but me.

I'm guessing that the Landlord himself will still be living in the basement and not moving in with his daughter and grandson. 

But this all comes back to the whole idea that the planets are shifting and allowing for major transitions that are affecting everyone on many levels.
New environments, new jobs, etc.  This will be a month where everyone will see some sort of result of newness, whether its something you've been steadily working towards or something that hits you out of the blue.

And now I am off to see The Rum Diary.