Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday afternoon Dec 3rd

I was once told the only thing I am good at is watching movies.  The former friend who said that to me meant it as a way to break me down and make me feel like a bucket of dren.

When I first started online, I thought about that comment when I was trying to figure out what kind of stuff to talk about in the very early days of blogging.
I ended up doing a bunch of reviews on sites like Yahoo and Rotten Tomatoes.  This lead to me starting my first vampire review blog  Alucard's Rose.

I was watching Julie/Julia   this afternoon for the billionth time, when I thought about the whole thing.  Making a commitment to something for a year straight and blogging about it.   It seems to be a cult crazy since Julie Powell first did it back in 2002.
Hell, I've tried myself on my year long project blog - the challenge on that was a single blog without any drama- that meant no rants, no bitching, no whining etc.
Hence why I still use this one all the time.   I'm a bitcher.   My temper is my oyster so to speak.

With all that said, I started to think about turning this into a straight up movie review blog for the see-able future.   Only that won't work either cause I really do need a place to rant and comment, specially when the Spike site posts the Impact episodes like they have been as of late.  Someone has to nag and scream at the editors, might as well be me.

Movies are something everyone loves to a degree, some more then others.  With my health issues, I don't have many hobbies simply because I can't do outdoorsy stuff.  Movies and books are the main thing, and of course food.

This my Spudguns will make sense in a moment. 

So to wrap up,
  1. My year long blog project is going to go way way over by maybe a second year
  2. I love movies
  3. I need a semi-new hobby
  4. I've started a new challenge today that will run for 366 days where I watch a movie a day and blog about it.  {2012 is a leap year}
  5. Book club wasn't working as I hoped so I created a movie group through the Cineplex Scenetourage site.
Did you get all that?

I'm challenging myself to watch one movie a day for the next year and blog about it.  I decided to combine my love of films with my love of blogging and hope to maybe meet a few new folks along the way via the Cineplex group.

All this will be going down on my latest blog  Coffee and Casseroles
And you are thinking why did I call it that and not something movie related?   Because the blog was meant for something else when I started it and it didn't pan out but I loved the name and it was there so why not Eh?

A year ago this challenge would have been ten times easier, but since we no longer have a movie rental place around here, I will have to resort to what I have in my collection, what is limited on the Shaw on Demand-which limits when I can rent a demand film cause that is at mother's place- and gives me one film a month at the cinema.

I see myself buying some new stuff around spring.  Even though I should be golden for the first two months with just the stuff in my collection. The first month and a half of this should be cake walking right?

Okay let's do this Top Chef style... and your time starts NOW...