Sunday, December 11, 2011

ooppps Eh?

Don't you find it a bit more then frustrating when you check your emails and find that you've got spam from your own email address?
I've had this happen more then once with an old account and it's just annoying.  Changed passwords more then once on it, complained to the email host, and still... it will stop for like a week then it will start up again.
I found out it's because I had joined a group on yahoo years ago.  The group doesn't exist anymore, but damn, it's still happening.   Sometimes the internet sucks goat balls hard.

And I sort of forgot that there is a ppv tonight.   HOLY ANNE RICE NOVELS BATMAN!
My brain has been everywhere but on wrestling which is where it normally lives.  

TO MY SPUDGUNS WORKING THE  TNA PPV TONIGHT, STAY SAFE ... and Eric Young, win back the belt.

That's the view from my sofa this supper time blogging hour.