Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4:13am 10/19

Second try at this.

Bad enough I have another night of insomnia, but then I had blogger issues too the last half hour.

Was trying to post a half hour ago about the emails I've been getting.   It's the best part I think of blogging, getting the very rare emails.
My cooking blog seems to be the hot spot for that, people send me cooking questions all the time.  My recipe for potato salad with beets seems to be the top recipe people like. That's a good thing.

Anyone remember me saying at the beginning of the month about the new dvd of Elvira's Haunted Hills... anyway, you might remember that I ended up having to put it on special order.  It came in finally.  Yay, love that.

Still waiting to see last week's TNA Impact, as the Spike site has yet to post it.  Which sucks, cause I was wanting to see the episode before getting the ppv.   No I did not see the ppv this month.  Wont' get a chance now as the replay in my area has aired already.

Now, back to trying to sleep