Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday morning 11/6/2011

Anyone else get frealed up by the time change last night?  Raise your hand if you forgot to change your clocks.

Lucky for me, my cell phone and computer are automatic when I turn them on first thing this morning. Yay. 
So my body and zombied brain are acting like it's 10:45am  BUT it's only 9:45am.  Doesn't change the fact I want something stronger then coffee.  Too early?  Fine, okay I'll behave.

Watching another round of Worst Cooks in America,  and they have to deal with their food fears.  I honestly am not sure I could do that.   My food fears have changed over the last decade. 
There was a time when I would have said escargot;  now since I've been a vegetarian for the last decade, my food fears have expanded.   Specially since I've been watching all these cooking challenge shows.  My food fears... where would I start?
Have to say,  as odd as this would sound but I have said it before, if I ever do go back to eating meat I want to try foie gras.   I know, horrible person to say I want the liver of a duck or goose.  What can I say, I'm evil.

See, me looking all wicked witch of the west.   MAKE-UP!  maybe a little bit of ... something to give me that just rolled out of the swamp look. Have to keep up with the troll that lives under the bridge.  Give Rumpelstiltskin a run for his money.  I think I could take him in submissions match.