Friday, November 4, 2011

Free Preview FNC

I'm sitting there yesterday, at mom's where else, flipping channels, when I see the Food Network Canada.  
Mom only has basic cable, this is not part of her basic cable channels.  So here's me sitting just waiting for the channel to go black thinking it's a glitch but then commercial says Free Fall Preview. 

You know I spent close to four hours yesterday just watching the Food Network.  Had no idea I was as addicted to this channel as I am.  Of course I set the dvr for the rest of the night.  Mom so not happy with me on that.

Okay, so watching  Chef at Home  right, okay and the title of the episode said beef stew.  Everything was going as normal,  beef-onion-oil-spices    then he added beans.  
Beans?   Chilli has beans,  stew has root vegetables  does it not?  

Yes, I know they are both technically "stews" but when you see beans you don't think stew you think something else.

It all comes down to perceptions.   We are trained to hear something and think a certain way.  I hear beef stew, I right off think of potatoes not beans.  I think foggy cold grey afternoons tucked up in a large cable-knitted sweater and hot chocolate.   Not shorts and beer under a desert sun.

Think about it, what does stew mean to you?