Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They shoot vampire fans don't they?

I did something, something I swore I'd never in a million years do... I bought the three Twilight movies.  I know, I've been one of the most harshest critics on the whole dren... er thing.  

So then you are thinking why am I confessing to this?

I wanted a new vampire movie.  Plan and simple.   I was out last night in the rain thinking "this is perfect weather for a vampire movie"   but I was a bit early for the new Fright Night ... it doesn't come out till next month on dvd... and there on the shelf were all three films on clearance so... I forgive myself for being a bit of a hypocrite because they were on clearance.

But it was a perfect day yesterday for a vampire movie.  The rain, the damp, the fog... good times.
And that one I rented yesterday -Dylan Dog Dead of Night- was more a zombie movie then a vampire one and I was left still ... craving vamps. 

Somewhere on this planet, Mr. Shelley is laughing as he collects on a bet with Mr. Sabin on how long before I fell prey to the saga. It's vampires, Sir I have an addiction.