Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Venkman 101

Every family has their traditions on the holidays.   Watching Ghostbusters is one of ours.

Picture it, me your heroine and heroin; sitting semi bored semi getting along with everyone when Uncle Porkchop {the chef} walks in.  He does this little hand gesture like he's wanting you to poof away, just sort of openhanded claw movement in your face and then out of nowhere asks me why I never did that for real.

Uncle Porkchop-: "Venkman. Right that was what's his handle Bill Murray in Ghostbusters? You should have become a real life ghostbuster with all your voodoo and vampires.  People really do this sort of stuff I saw it in a documentary once."  

Me-: "Fabulous idea. You have the $50,000 a year for me to go to university for four years to study paranormal psychology then another $50,000 a year for another four years to study religion and languages?"

Uncle Porkchop- :"Be a ghostbuster.  Run around all day getting slimmed by invisible demons. DEMONS!"  {he did the hand poofing thing again}  "I saw it on a documentary. You'd fit right in. With your tarots and all that stuff you have laying around your place.  Be a real life Venkman like Bill Murray. Professor Venkman. You never make it as a professor you need to be smart to be a professor."

Me -: "And you'd be the first thing I'd vanquish."