Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well this is a pattern

I'm just not too sure why or what.

It seems to me, every single time my life starts to change I end up broken.  Every single time.  I've started to understand finally, that a broken body part is the universe telling me to stop and listen and be patient. Just don't know what for yet?
I'm sure the A-HA! Moment will arrive soon.  

Meanwhile, catching up with my reading.  I had started to read "Life on the Line"  a bio about Chef Achatz few months ago and left it here at mom's.  I'm nearly finished reading it.  Then I don't know what I'll do cause the only other book I have here is Joy of Cooking.

Also, rented a movie on demand yesterday.  "The Trip"  which was about Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon  going on a week's tour of restaurants in Britian.   Honestly, not sure if it was originally meant to be a comdey or if it just ended up that way?  Let me rephrase that, it tried to end up that way.  There were moments in the movie when it came across almost like a serious documentary on the food, and other times like it was a stage play. 
I wasn't impressed too much by it.

I do not know how wrestlers and other athletes do it?  How do you work injured?  Dude, I can not even get a shoe on right now or manage to figure out how to carry a glass of water while using my crutches and I've lifed my life with broken parts because of the O.I.    How do you guys finish matches/games with broken fingers/toes/shoulders/ or torn parts?