Thursday, October 6, 2011

Morning again 10/6

Dear Spudguns:

I learned yesterday that Chef Micheal Smith is coming to town next week for a charity event.
I wish I had found out sooner would have loved to been able to go.  Not that I would have been able to eat anything given I'm a vegetarian.

So has anyone checked out the new show The Chew?
Hate it!  I thought I would become a fan because I thought Carla Hall was just so cool on Top Chef,  but so far, I was not able to sit through a full show of The Chew at all.  Do not like it at all.

And the Talk has dug it's own grave.  They should have kept Leah and Sharon and tossed the others, that would have been a good pairing.  The ones they have hosting now totally killed it.

Well that's my thoughts and feelings this morning. Now off to find a coffee.  Totally sucks that we lost our Tim Hortons here in the neighbourhood.

Love Ardeth Blood