Thursday, December 15, 2011

909 15/12/2011

It's a beautiful grey overcast morning with a wet-snowy sky.  Lovely.  Normally I would say that this is a perfect day to watch a vampire movie; but I'm little disappointed on the fact I haven't gotten my copy of Fright Night yet.   


I was just going to give a call to HMV here in town and have one put on hold and try to talk my uncle into picking it up for me... still broken and unable to get a shoe on... but to my surprise I see that the local HMV is sold out!   
Sold Out in under 24 hours of DVD   what?  WHAT?  Plenty of Blue-rays but I do not have a blue-ray machine so poor pitiful me.
Sorry about my damn luck Eh?    Or so I thought.  My mother knew I was talking about this DVD and when she was out yesterday picked me up one.   It's just sitting at her place until I can find a way to get to it. 
Nice and ironic.

And I'm still waiting for the horror tees I ordered back in early October.