Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for 10/20/2011

I used screen capture for this post

Well it's about damned time!

James Storm won the title belt. 

I have my personal theories on why the whole Roode got Screwed storyline happened, and part of me wants to say it's got more to do with there not having been a screwjob in the company the way the other company did years ago.  Part of me wants to say that Angle couldn't risk being seen loosing to a Canadian this close to his return to the Olympics.  But that's the way my brain works and who knows what the real reasons are, they could be more health related or something.

The beard, the beard, the beard.  Please, please Eric Young, shave it off!  I am surprised that whomever it is you go home to at night hasn't taken a pair of shears and lopped the beard off in your sleep.