Saturday, November 5, 2011

You know me and my cooking shows

I think by now, anyone who reads anything I have blogged about, knows I love my cooking shows as much as I love my tag team. 
So, I'm taking full advantage of the free preview for Food Network Canada, and basically watching everything. 

Right, so then let's talk about   Worst Cooks in America for a moment shall we...  Oh my god!  Holy Anne Rice novels Batman!!  You have to ask yourself sometimes, what are they thinking?

How horrible must you be to not have even one dish that you can make well?  

Eat St.  I've seen a few episodes of this online before and think its a really interesting idea.  Mother however was just in awe of it.  Couldn't get past the idea that there could be so many food trucks out there that are so different.    I've said this before, I have yet to see any food trucks in our city at all.

With all that said, heading over to mother's shortly and will see what the dvr taped me over night.  I just set the thing for random times. 
I had gone out and bought a new chef's knife last week too to keep at mother's.  All her knives were flimsy.  Have you ever tried to break into an unwaxed turnip {rutabaga} with a floppy knife?  Not fun.  Best investment I have ever made.  Ever. 

On a sidenote that has nothing to do with food... reading  The Joke's Over  by Ralph Steadman.