Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1st

I can not breathe, my sinuses are bothering me; why am I awake?  Anything before 7:30 is too early. So why am I here?

The building is so nice and quiet now. I dare say I am the only one here now since the Landlord's daughter and her kid moved out on the weekend.  I haven't seen the Landlord's truck either last few days, starting to think he moved with her.  Strange maybe?

My holiday mildly sucked.  But only mildly.   I decided to make stir frys for supper.  Been having this urber craving for Chinese food but since all the takeaway places use meat and broth etc; I can not order from them.   So, off to the grocery I went after mother's doctor's appointment yesterday to pick up the ingredients.

Good god man!  Have you ever bothered to read the back of the packages for those instant mixes?  I did yesterday. And they are all nearly all of them made with chicken fat, beef broth and oyster sauce.   Icky. Not vegan friendly. 

This is why I had to set out and make two pots of supper, one for mom with her icky mix and one for myself without it.   And of course, a box of fortune cookies. 

November. I guess this means it's officially winter here in Thunder Bay.  Yay us. I'm sort of babbling right now.  Too early to be alive.  I had half an idea what I wanted to say about a half hour ago, but now it all seems disinteresting {computer telling me that's not a real word}