Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23rd Nov 2011

As the frustration sets in, I sit here now, wondering why my life sucks.   Oh right, broken foot.  Totally sucks, and it's still an odd shade of greeny-black.   I'm guessing this is what squid ink must look like when you clean them?

Have you ever traveled by backpack with only one or two items of clothes?  That's what I am sitting at right now, the clothes that I wore on the day I broke my foot and the pajamas I had enough brains in my pain to grab before heading to the safety of mother's.  
Yes, there is a lesson in here somewhere... maybe to always have extra stuff at your parents place just in case... yes think so.

Well, only have a moment, but wanted to just check into the blog because I didn't realize how much I miss this form of communication until I had to share ... scratch that fight for computer time.   Have I mentioned this week how much I hate facebook?   Specially that damned farmville where mom spends all her time.  

Okay, hope to be back home by the end of the weekend. 
And if I don't get to blog again before Monday,  to the American's who celebrate your Thanksgiving this month,  hope it's a safe one.