Saturday, November 26, 2011

middle of the night take two

Wide awake.  Feel like crap.
There were some weird glitches with the cooking blog earlier and just oddness all over the place.   Could be because Mercury is retro for the final time this year.   So expect all sorts of bad for the next few weeks.

Not much going on other then I'm still on crutches, still not home.  I hate being broken, not good at all with pain.  And of course the whole computer sharing thing really blows.

Currently reading  "Joke's Over"  by Ralph Steadman.  It's a semi-biography about Hunter S. Thompson.

The last few weeks have been totally surreal. Makes me hunger for some sort of dreamstate revolution or some nonsense. But in the meantime... do we need a meantime? Isn't everything a meantime between other points in our lives? 
Okay my Spudguns, that's how I see it from this angle.