Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sorry about my own damn luck

Dear Spudguns:

I Broke my foot. 
My bad knee jammed up and when I went to try to fix it, I moved the wrong way and my foot met the bathroom wall, hard.
So it's been a hell of a day most of which was spent in the emergency in tears.  Now, I have a new set of crutches, stainless steel.   Which you know, nice upgrade from the old wooden ones I had last time I broke my leg.
And to top off the night,  my sister and I got into a fight.  Yes, another one.  Since I can't walk proper let alone get up the stairs, I'm staying at mother's for a few nights.  Hence the uber lateness of the blog post, had to wait for mother to finally get off the computer.  Damn facebook.
Should have seen me this morning when all this happened,  couldn't get a shoe on, had to duct tape my foot because I didn't have any medical tape and what a lovely shade of purple my foot had become, and here's the real dren kicker of the day... had to call a cab to bring me to mom's.  Yeah, to go a full two blocks.   Why you ask,  well Spuddy, I can't get up and down the stairs right now.  Getting me down the stairs ths morning was a party and a half.  Just ended up scootching down on my butt.
So yeah, I paid $6 in cab fare to get a three minute drive.  Lucky me.
So broken foot, total humiliation, sibling hating me again; how could this get any worse... I bumped into my ex the Trainwreck while I was in the emergency. 
Just when I thought everything in my life was starting to fix and make some sense I have a day like today.

Love Ardeth Blood